Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Rainbow Period

The model was my daughter i wanted a different perspective on hands and eyes but as my love of insects was bugging - excuse the pun. I wanted to combine some of the things I really love such as certain colours,insects and odd angles as well as the human face. So this is where it lead me to "Evolution" all worked in watercolour on Arches 300lb.
Continuing in this vein I did another one this time using the other daughter as the model and keeping with some of the same elements.
What not to love about Cerulean blue and Opera rose, this time i've added some pen work in using and old fountain nib pen and burnt sienna ink.
As I get quite carried away with these paintings I did more with similiar colours only this time went back to the Angels I done before
Kept this one a little simple in watercolour.

And yet another Angel, pregnant one at that
wasnt sure this would work out very well but I'm quite happy with  the results of this one, I went on to do  another one like this but didnt like it as much.
So colours used were as mentioned Cerelaen blue, green gold, opera rose, permanent rose, Indigo and Dioxazine purple and cadium yellow. Finished with some white ink here and there.

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