Sunday, 9 September 2012

Finally done!

I decided to enter the Society of wildlife artist open exhibition this year, to held at the Mall galleries. Consequently this meant I had to finish or start something to enter. After much deliberation i chose to do 6, 4 new ones and finish 2 I had already started, due to the fact it was a wildlife exhibition i figured that my hummingbird might be in with a fair chance of looked at. So as i had already put an acrylic base for the painting, thought it might be appropriate to continue with another layer in oils. Took a couple of weeks to  finish even though its only 14" x 10" but the details were so small.
I took the original photo of this bird in Antigua I quite liked the blurred background and lights, if I had stuck to my usual formats I would have had a much plainer background to push the bird out more
 needless to say it wasn't accepted.

My next one was to finish my lemurs, again in oils as you can see a little plainer in the background giving a bit impact to the tails and eyes. This painting also took weeks to complete, which meant that I didn't get to start any more painting for the exhibition. Again i was hoping for this one to be pre-selected at least, again this one also failed pre selection. So no luck this time.

Another exhibition another set judges may well yield better results so I'm gonna keep trying until someone does!