Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's that time of year again when I can look back and ask myself "what did I achieve?" Well to be quite frank no where near as much as I'd put on my list, as usual started things, got way laid and never finished them. Things like the website - still not finished, commissions still going but not finished, working on some of the paintings I'd like to do, My next book, not even got the basic notes written up!.
I've worked alot this year in Ink and Acrylic but I feel the need to get back to watercolours - with it's unpredictable marks that leave you chuckling to yourself, because you know your going to tell everyone it's meant to be like that!!
Yesterday I managed to get down some words for my next book but that's as far as it's got, I want to do a book on working commissions and "working in shadows" however I think i'm going to be chasing my tail again as I write my new year's list of goals.
Whats on your list?? mine reads like the andrex roll including lose weight for Holiday, finish commission, finish website, sell more work, do solo exhibition and student via teacher exhibition, write books and that's not the half of it. So that's where I'm off to now write more on that list. See you all in the new year - where I hope to be doing more demonstrations that i can upload to the blog, if i can remember to stop and take the pictures in the first places