Thursday, 25 April 2013

forgot to post this!

Another painting I finished but forgot to post. Hope you like

Pixie blue

Another watercolour I did this ages ago but did upload to here. There is no model for this I made it up I was more interested in playing with the colour and tone, limiting the palette and adding some pure white ink

new drawings

Time for some basics
Back to the drawing board as they say! Did exactly and started with some eyes and a good old fashion pencil or two or three.
Then I had to add some carbon and charcoal because the pencil doesn't go dark enough, with the help of a putty rubber to lift out some lights and  job done!
Cant beat time spent drawing, a therapy in its self especially if you use your imagination anything can happen on the paper.
This is unfinished at in this photo I will upload the finished version when I get a decent photo of it!

My Rainbow Period

The model was my daughter i wanted a different perspective on hands and eyes but as my love of insects was bugging - excuse the pun. I wanted to combine some of the things I really love such as certain colours,insects and odd angles as well as the human face. So this is where it lead me to "Evolution" all worked in watercolour on Arches 300lb.
Continuing in this vein I did another one this time using the other daughter as the model and keeping with some of the same elements.
What not to love about Cerulean blue and Opera rose, this time i've added some pen work in using and old fountain nib pen and burnt sienna ink.
As I get quite carried away with these paintings I did more with similiar colours only this time went back to the Angels I done before
Kept this one a little simple in watercolour.

And yet another Angel, pregnant one at that
wasnt sure this would work out very well but I'm quite happy with  the results of this one, I went on to do  another one like this but didnt like it as much.
So colours used were as mentioned Cerelaen blue, green gold, opera rose, permanent rose, Indigo and Dioxazine purple and cadium yellow. Finished with some white ink here and there.

New Exhibition for 2013

This year The exhibition will be held at
 The Rhodes Centre, 1-3 S Rd Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 3JG
01279 651746

This will run from 14th May until 25th May 2013

There are to be a few of us exhibiting to raise money for the British lung Foundation, so there
 will lots of different media in use as well as styles to tickle the fancy.

My latest painting has taken a more macabre style, although this is more like my old style, 
still in watercolour with a bit of pen work
"Corvus Corax"

 Ravens in watercolour, there is a video to this but it wont upload to this blog so might have to trim it down
detail of ravens

 Before I did these i was working on some realistic painting of playing cards copying every detail to match the originals, these  are life size

Dead Mans Hand

These are in watercolour although the deck doesn't actually exist they are the same size as a normal deck, I haven't as yet designed the rest of the deck - maybe in the future. The next one I did, i did for a class demo then got the class to do the same Guess who was really popular that day!
King of spades - in acrylics

The king was a torn up card that I painted the top half to the real half is beneath it, the acrylics didn't work out too bad, was quite pleased with outcome.
My next set in this  range was the Ace of hearts-
spot the fake!! again in acrylics might try again in watercolour then oils.